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Prevention of sliding bearing early damage to daily maintenance and repair

Therefore, in the daily maintenance and repair of the engine, must pay attention to bearing alloy surface, the back end of the edge, and the appearance of the shape, such as abnormal or symptom of half wear, we must identify the reasons, and take corresponding measures, improve the bearing working conditions, pay attention to prevention of sliding bearing early the damaged. Sliding bearing early damage is much more common than rolling bearings burned, so to prevent sliding bearing early damage is very important. Proper maintenance of the sliding bearing is an effective way to reduce the early damage of TIMKEN bearings, and prolong the service life of the rolling bearing reliability assurance.

Measurement of hole concentricity and roundness strictly diesel engine main bearing. To measure the hole coaxial machine spindle bearing, the diesel engine must be accurately measured out of coaxial size, runout and measurement of crankshaft, to match the thickness of the bearing shell, so that the oil gap reach agreement on each axis. All diesel engine had crushed, speed etc, must be on the coaxiality testing prior to assembly, nodular iron crankshaft length of not more than 0.14mm, steel crankshaft length of not more than 0.12mm, at the same time on the bearing hole roundness, cylindricity are required.

Improving the bearing repair and assembly quality, strict control of the connecting rod on the qualified rate. Improve the bearing hinge with quality, ensure the bearing abaxially smooth without spots, the positioning convex point intact; the bounce rate is 0.5 ~ 1.5mm, which can guarantee the assembled bearing by means of its force and the bearing seat hole tightly attached to the new, the old; connecting rod are requirements for measuring the parallelism and twist, the prohibition on the train to the connecting rod is not qualified; each end is arranged in a bearing seat on the two bearing shells shall be higher than the bearing plane of 30 ~ 50mm, high volume can ensure the torque required to tighten the bearing cap bolt bearing and the bearing seat tightly, friction self-locking force enough, bearing not loose, cooling effect well, to prevent erosion and wear of bearings, TIMKEN bearing; work surface can not be reached 75% ~ by scraping with 85% contact as standard, should be with the gap makes the bearing and the shaft neck without scraping requires to improve the performance of cleaning equipment, strict cleaning quality, improve the parts of the diesel engine cleanliness. At the same time, purification assembly site environment, cylinder dust cover, make the engine assembly cleanliness has been significantly improved.

The rational selection and lubricating oil. In the process used to select lubricating oil film small surface tension, impact the formation of the bubble collapse when the oil flow decreases, can effectively prevent bearing cavitation; viscosity grade lubricating oil can not be increased, so as not to increase the coking tendency of bearing; the engine lubricating oil oil level must be in the standard range, lubricating oil and gas use tools must be clean, prevent access to any dirt and water, and ensure the sealing effect of the engine parts.

The correct use and maintenance of the engine. When mounting bearings, shaft and bearing in motion surface should be coated with the stipulated clean oil. The engine bearings after loading complex, first close the fuel switch first before the start, start the machine driven by engine idling a few times, when the engine oil pressure gauge is displayed again, open the fuel switch, and the throttle at low speed, start the engine operation observation. Idle time is not more than 5min. Running in period for the new machine and engine overhaul, in the running in period from long time jumped sharply reduced and the high speed working condition in the load; the engine over long time full load operation, not immediately stop, must let the engine in no-load speed running 15min to stop, otherwise the internal heat dissipation is not out. Strict control of locomotive engine temperature, engine oil time increased. Regularly analyses spectrum oil iron, reduce accidents, combined with oil and iron spectrum analysis, early detection of non normal wear and tear, according to oil ferrography analysis pattern, determine the grain composition and possible sites, nip in the bud, to avoid grinding tile burning shaft accident.

In order to make a larger compressive residual stresses in surface of rolling bearing parts after quenching and tempering, carburizing or nitriding can be fed into the heating the atmosphere when, for a short time, surface carburizing or nitriding. Because the steel quenching austenite actual carbon content is not high, far below the phase diagram showing the equilibrium concentration, therefore can absorb carbon (or nitrogen). When austenitic containing higher carbon or nitrogen, the Ms decreased, quenching at the surface than the inner and core of after martensite transformation, the greater compressive residual stresses. GCrl5 steel in carburizing atmosphere and non carburizing atmosphere heating quenching (both by low temperature tempering) after treatment, the contact fatigue experiments, surface carburizing carburizing life than did not increase by 1.5 times. The reason is that the part surface carburizing with compressive residual stresses larger.

Effect of high carbon chromium steel rolling main material factors of rolling bearing service life of parts and control degree:

(1) carbide steel in the original tissue before quenching in small, dispersed requirements. Can be made of high temperature austenitizing at 630 ¡æ, or high temperature of 420 DEG C, can also be realized by forging and rolling heat fast annealing process.

(2) for GCr15 steel after quenching, for hidden crystal martensite, 9% the average carbon content of about 0.55% Ar and about 7% of undissolved carbides in microstructure of uniform, round state. The quenching temperature and time to control the microstructure of the obtained.

(3) made of steel rolling bearing components, require a higher purity, is mainly O2, N2, decrease the content of P, oxides and phosphorus. The electroslag remelting, vacuum smelting technology measures to make the material containing oxygen ≤ 15PPM is appropriate.

(4) parts quenching tempering requirements of surface residual compressive stress, which helps in improving fatigue resistance. The processing technology of surface carburizing or nitriding quenching in short time when heating, the surface residual compressive stress is larger.

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